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Welcome Parbo Jazz  

The dream of a jazz lover from Suriname come true.
On September28, 2013, world-famous jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan will headline the first annual Parbo Jazz festival. This festival will bring world-class jazz to Suriname,increase the musical exposure and opportunity for youth. You can be there right from the start as Parbo Jazz heats up the music scene in Suriname.

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Parbo Jazz have teamed up with HAIKA to give some of their talented young musicians a chance of a lifetime to perform on the same bill as our renowned headliners.

Stanley Jordan will be the featured artist for the evening.

HAIKA will be the oprning act

Band members are:

Trumpet Stephon Apianait

Clarinet John Schaken

Drums Jered Eduard

Keyboard Nephille Stekkel

Bass Jason Eduwaiti

Vocal Louise Naarden

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